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Auditing Assignment Help Examples: GAAP standards, Communications and specific Actions

GAAP Standards

It states that firms depending on the reporting necessities of the Securities Exchange Act’1934, excluding the registered firms of investment banking, should incorporate a testimony of management on the firm’s in-house governance on financial accounting in their respective annual reports.
  Internal regulation report should have the following things: an account of management’s obligation for creating and upholding sufficient internal power on the financial reporting on the firm’s last fiscal year, a proclamation recognizing the agenda which is used by the firm’s management to assess the efficacy of the firm’s internal regulation over financial accounting, lastly, a declaration by the registered public secretarial firm which has audited the financial accounts of the company has comprised of an verification report on administration’s evaluation of the firm’s internal governance on financial reporting. As per the new regulations, the annual report of a company must also include verification report as per our auditing assignment help experts.  In addition to this, a necessity is being added that administration can assess any variation in the company’s internal governance which may or have affected the firm’s in-house control over financial accounting.
 Audit evidence is the sole information for the auditor to attain a deduction on which the audit opinion is based. It comprises of the facts and figures used to state financial statements of the accounting records. (Bush,2005)  Auditors aren’t required to go through all the information present.  

Communication as per Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS)

 The auditor has been given the charge of making and then stating his views whether the financial statements documented by the management with the inaccuracy of those blamed with governance are displayed in proper order, in all material respects, and also in accordance with the generally accepted accounting principles. Even after the audit neither the management nor the accused exploiting his governance is set free. The responsibilities are either conveyed through the engagement letter or any other bond or agreement having the terms of the engagement. For Ex: Auditors might take ratio analysis assignment help to do any analysis but its insights must be communicated properly to the management. The auditor is the sole authority for carrying out the audit in conformity with the generally accepted auditing norms and that the audit is designed to achieve reasonable, quantified surety regarding the financial statements being free of material statements. This might not be followed while doing auditing for Bovar properly.

Specific Action

 The auditor is accountable for passing on matters related to financial statement audit that are, in the auditor's professional judgment, in accordance to the responsibilities of those charged with governance in mistaking the ļ¬nancial reporting process. The auditor does not exercise ways in case of general accepted standards of audit when for determining to communicate with the charged with governance. At relevant times the auditor is also liable for sharing particular matters as per the need of law & regulation, through a bond with the body or by additional requirements related to the engagement. This must be followed to make audit as per GAAS standard.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Different Costing Techniques, Its Uses, Tax Implications and Complexities associated with it

The organizations have choices to use the various costing techniques to achieve the high return from the management and operations. The organization can use two types of costing techniques: specific order costing technique and operation costing technique.

Specific order costing technique: This type of technique is used where the work comprises of separate jobs or contracts. Each contract is authorised by an order. This type of costing includes job, batch and contract.

Operation costing technique: This type of technique is used in the environment where goods and services are produced as a result of sequence of activities or in other words a continuous operation. In this costing methods cost is averaged over the number of units produced.

For the organizations, the operation costing technique is recommended as most of the operations in three businesses are based on the practices and approaches those are rarely changed. The organization needs to use the operation costing techniques to optimize the return from the regular operations as per our advanced accounting homework help online service providers.

 The three businesses are common in term of operations as human resource management and operations to meet the organizational objectives are same. However, the operations may be different to deliver the effective customer services and supports. Therefore the operation costing techniques can be used in all businesses of the organization to enhance the productivity and performance with available set of resources ( 2015).

The business to manufacturing white goods is required to use the operation costing as the business has large number of employees and assets those are not properly managed to achieved the optimistic performance. This is also corroborated by taxation team checking the costing aspects to get taxation homework help.  In order to align the business operations and objectives on the optimum returns, it is necessary to determine the flow of finance and efforts. The business can use the operation costing techniques to analyse the cost of operations per employees and resources in workplace. Once the cost is analysed, better strategies can be made to enhance the finance flow and to organization of resources. However the issues may appear to analyse the cost on resources those are remote in nature or have rapid changes (Dhillon, 2013). The staff and resources may be rapidly replaced in section of business. The marketing demands and changes also impact the operations and in such cases, it is difficult to predict the operation cost per resource.

In commercial airlines, the customer satisfaction is the prime point of focus for organization. Most of the operations in business are aligned to meet the customer requirements and benefits in time of competitive advantages. Organization can use the operation costing to simplify the operations for the customer. This concept can be used to get business case study homework help in academics. For example the cost can be used to set up the easy online system instead of manual operations to enhance the customer satisfaction and service quality. Operation costing can be used to define the cost on order booking, customer welcoming, operations to manage the services and to deliver the market impact. The operation costing techniques can be used to determine the continuous operations in business and to define the new approaches to reduce the cost with better service management and resource allocation (Bazargan, 2016). The staff and assets can be managed effectively after analysing the cost per unit. However, the environment changes and market perception for the airline service may impact the internal operations and services for customers. As a result the cost per unit may change to meet the changes in business operations. The dynamic cost identification is also required to delimit the operation costing technique.

Balance Score Card and Its Advantages

Balanced scorecard

Balanced scorecard is a performance management tool that gives a semi-structured report considering the methods and automation tools. This technique is used by the managers to keep the track on the activities of the staff that involves monitoring and controlling of the actions arising from the consequences as per our finance assignment help online UK experts.  Balance scorecard is used by strategic management so as to find out the different strategic function and improve the outcomes of the function. Balance scorecard is used for providing feedback to organizations for improving the performance. Using the balanced score card, it requires the organisation to viewed from 4 different perspectives. The organisation needs to develop metrics, collect data and further analyse these for all four perspectives. The four perspectives are as follows:
  • Financial perspective
  • Customer perspective
  • Internal perspectives
  • Innovative and learning perspective
Benefits of balance scorecards
There are several benefits of using the balance scorecards in any organisation that are as follows:
  • The first advantage is that, it gives a balanced view on the performance of the whole organisation by covering the major four aspects and focusing whether the organisation is meeting the set objectives. It may be possible that one aspect is performing well while the other is not able to achieve the objectives as explained by our human resource assignment help experts. For example: the organisation is generating good revenue but it may be possible that customer satisfaction is getting down or employee training is inadequate etc.
  • The second advantage is that, it gives the stakeholders to determine the short, medium and long term goals at the one peak by covering all the aspects. Whenever the accountant see that the organisation is not performing well he/she makes the short or immediate plan that don’t serve the purpose of the organisation. Balanced scorecard overcomes this limitation.
  • The third advantage is that, it gives assurance that the strategic actions executed meet the desired objectives that means is the customer is satisfied with product or the product serves the higher quality that involves creative and innovative processes.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Biology Assignment Help Online Examples: Phytochemical, types and how it helps in preventing Cancer

Phytochemical supplements and its role in preventing the progression or occurrence of chronic disease has gain lo of significance in past few years and it is mainly due to the increase in the number of peoples using the vitamin and mineral supplements to avoid such diseases. However, there is no such concrete evidence which could justify the intake of these supplements to cure or prevent these diseases. In recent studies it is shown that over half of the American population is taking mineral and vitamin supplements in expectation of feeling better and in order to prevent some common illnesses despite the evidence being against of such perceptions as per the research findings from our biology assignment help research experts. So the main question which arises from the findings is that ‘is the intake of the vitamin and mineral supplements is healthful or is it really a wishful thinking or a myth’? (Stocker,1994).

What is phytochemical?

According to Harvard professional on nutrition phytochemicals are a huge group of plant based compounds derived in order to protect from the diseases. The occurrence of these chemical compounds in plant is natural. They are responsible for the organoleptic properties in plants and are also responsible for the colour of the specific plant and fruit (Davies et al.,2004).
There are various types of phytochemicals which are found in different plans and fruits. Phenolic acides, flavonoids and lignans are the types of phytochemicals found in plants and fruits. Flavonoids are considered to be the most vital phytochemical found in these plant based derivatives. These flavonoids provide different chemical compounds which can be useful for the body in terms of their properties fighting against certain diseases (Xing,1994).
Is flavonoids and other phytochemical supplements are helpful in prevention for occurrence of chronic diseases?
The main aim of this article is to provide an insight founded by our biology homework help team which is based on evidences that these minerals and vitamins supplements are responsible for prevention in occurrence and progression of the chronic diseases such as cancer, cardio vascular diseases and diabetes. With the discovery of French paradox previously it was indicative that certain flavonoids and phytochemical are responsible for low mortality rates in Mediterranean region. The phenomenon was studied extensively after the discovery of the French paradox and it was concluded that the intake of phytochemical is not entirely responsible for the low mortality rates and in fat it is inversely related with the mortality rate occurring due to chronic cardio vascular diseases (Pan et al.,2007).
Over the years due to lack of studies and research on the topic it is perceived that the intake of phytochemicals as food supplements is beneficiary more in the terms of good health and prevention and cure of chronic diseases. However, with recent developments and more extensive researches it is clear that the myth is not entirely true and also the mechanistic study of the same has produced enough evidence for the same.
Epidemiological studies over the years have suggested that the consumption of a diet consists of high intakes of fruits and vegetables are responsible for a reduced risk of coronary diseases. However, till now there is not enough evidence which can ably support this concept. From the reports it is conclusive that a whole food based diet is far better and helpful than eating supplements. Vegetables and fruits are vital sources of a diverse variety of many beneficial agents such as minerals, vitamins, fiber and phytochemicals. Supplements may be rich in phytochemicals compounds but may not be comprised of fiber or required vitamins hence it cannot be termed as full source of dietary supplement against a whole food based diet. And in addition to this it must also be considered that eating a whole food based diet provides exercise for other body organs such as mouth and teeth. It also sparks digestive system which is essential in order to have a good metabolism. If we see from public health view supplements can never be as beneficial as whole food based diet. The process of eating a food based diet is entirely different from just having a supplement. The process itself is beneficial in many aspects and can provide additional benefits to the body (Sergeev et al.,1998).
There are many phytochemicals have been identified in plant based foods which have several biological functions and which are specifically designed in a way by nature to fight against different anomalies. It is also corroborated by our chemistry assignment help team. Hence, it is advisable for the individuals to eat a diverse variety of plant based fruits which will help them to derive optimum benefits from the vegetables and fruits they consume (Sergeev et al.,1998).

Monday, 20 February 2017

Marketing Research Assignment Help -Short Proposal Example

Research rationale

What is the issue?
The issue of e-marketing has taken the business world by storm as, the business entities are using this process toreach the consumers easily. The consumers also have the chance to have a say regarding the product quality and various decisions taken by the company itself. West et al. (2015) have opined that this process has both positive and negative effects on the prospects of the company. The consumers are now able to comment directly on the webpage of the company regarding any faulty business decisions or marketing strategy. Therefore, the management now has to be more cautious regarding their mode of operations. E- marketing has in this way, given the marketing strategy a whole new life.
Why is it an issue?
E-marketing is unique as, it provides specialised services to the consumers based on their individual taste. However, Chen and Huang (2016) have opined that the marketing process has taken over the traditional marketing means and the smaller companies are unable to spend millions for the online campaigns. The consumers are changing their marketing taste as; online shopping has got a new name in these days as found by marketing assignment help researchers. All these point out to one aspect and that is e-marketing.
Why is it an issue now?
Recently, a report published by BBC has shown that most of the marketing campaigns of most of the entities revolve around online marketing strategy. Therefore, the definition of marketing has changed into a more revolutionised term. Chen and Huang (2016) have opined that in recent time, the marketing campaigns are directed towards achieving competitive advantage.
What could this research shed light on?
This research paper would therefore shed light on the usefulness of e-marketing to achieve complete consumer attention. In addition, the aspect of achieving competitive advantage is also there as, most of the company’s aretrying to take this approach to attain this advantage by making their voices heard in the market.

Research significance

The research paper is trying to assess whether, e-marketing approach is really providing the boost to the business entities to attain competitive advantage. Chuang (2016) has opined that in order to implement the e-marketing fully, the companies have to change their operational strategies so that the consumers can access the company as a modern facility as per our case study assignment help online experts. Therefore, this research paper would try to understand all these factors.

 Research aim

The research paper is aiming to introduce the influence of e-marketing on the implementing films to ensure proper customer attention. In addition, this paper would also try to evaluate the kind of optimization that marketing tools need to use the process of e-marketing to its full capability.

Research objectives

The research objectives are such as,
·         To evaluate the various aspects of e marketing and the process through which, excellence can be attainedusing various tools
·         To assess the differences between traditional and e-marketing and the process through which, companiescan use e-marketing to gain competitive advantage
·         To understand the influence of e-marketing on the sales margin of a firm and other activities of thefirm in order to check whether, it realty helps in gaining any edge over competitors

Research questions

The research questions are as follows,
·         Does E- Marketing help companies in achieving competitive advantage?
·         Does E- marketing excellence help companies in improving their sales?
·         What are the ways through which, excellence can be attained while using e marketing?

Research motivation

The increasing use of e-commerce sites and their profitability especially the digital marketing activities conducted by international firms like McDonalds and other companies have taken has motivated the researcher to conduct a research on e-marketing and its viability for firms in gaining competitive advantage in a highly competitive market.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

How to do Financial Accounting Ratio Analysis?

The financial accounting ratio is done for Fed Ex and UPS to understand the ratio calculation and interpretation in given example.

Profitability Ratios

The two ratios selected to do profitability analysis are covered in the below mentioned sections.


It stands for return on equity and is calculated by dividing net income with total equity. The analysis clearly shows that ROE is in increasing trend for UPS and is in decreasing trend for FDX due to increasing and decreasing income for both companies respectively as interpreted by our financial accounting homework help online interpreter.


It stands for return on assets and is calculated by dividing net income with total assets. The analysis clearly shows that ROA is in decreasing trend for both companies .However, the value is higher for UPS compare to FDX .

Liquidity Ratios

The two ratios selected to do Liquidity analysis are covered in the below mentioned sections.

Current Ratio

It is calculated by dividing Current Assets with current liabilities. The analysis clearly shows that it remains same for UPS and is in increasing trend for FDX due to increasing current assets in case of FDX as given below.

Quick Ratios

It is calculated by dividing Current Assets subtracted with inventory with current liabilities. The analysis clearly shows that it is in decreasing trends for UPS and is in increasing trend for FDX due to decreasing and increasing current assets respectively as given below.

Capital Structure Ratios

The two ratios selected to do Capital structure analysis are covered in the below mentioned sections.

Debt ratio

It is calculated by dividing total debt with total assets. The analysis clearly shows that it is in decreasing trends for UPS and is in increasing trend for FDX due to decreasing and increasing debts respectively as given below.


Equity ratio

It is calculated by dividing total Equity with total assets. The analysis clearly shows that it is in decreasing trends for both companies due to decreasing equity respectively as given below.

Efficiency Ratios

The two ratios selected to do efficiency ratios analysis are covered in the below mentioned sections.

Payables turnover ratio

It is calculated by dividing cost of goods sold with total payables as per our corporate finance assignment help experts. The analysis clearly shows that it is in decreasing trends for both companies due to increasing payables respectively as given below.

Receivables turnover ratio
It is calculated by dividing revenue with total receivables. The analysis clearly shows that it is in increasing trends for UPS and is in decreasing trend for FDX due to increasing and decreasing receivables respectively as given below.

Market Performance Ratios

The two ratios selected to do Market Performance ratios analysis are covered in the below mentioned sections.

P/E Ratios

It is calculated by dividing Market price per share with Earning per share. The analysis clearly shows that it is in increasing trends for both companies due to increasing market price over the years.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Assignment Help :Understanding Economic Business Cycle, Phases and Effects

The Business Cycle and Built in stabilizers are indicators of growth when the economy is doing well and reflect the disturbances when the economy is not doing well. The business cycle tells that the economy is slowly coming out of the depths of  a very bad period of retarded growth  and is aiming to go towards a recovery mode. As the short term interest rates stabilize and the monetary policies stabilize with increased rates investment the future looks good. Unemployment levels have fallen and savings have picked up with household spending also increasing. In today’s economic scenario where there is an urgent need.

The last 60 years have taught that unless there is a real fight towards bringing down inflation there could be on visible signs of growth. There have to strict regulation of the money market for short term interest rates to become credible. Unemployment and poverty have to be a concrete measure in the growth of the economy as per research undertaken by USA macroeconomics assignment help research team. The currency stabilizer and exchange rate of the dollar has had wild swings leading to adverse balance of payments and the two economic cycles of depression had dealt a deathblow to growth. These data always help in understanding economic cycles and  prepare policy makers and monetary authorities to  stabilize  on policies. Business Cycle is divided into the following four phases:-peak, recession, trough, expansion!  Provide the characteristics of each.
  1. Peak  Phase: where the economic inputs are prospering otherwise known as boom characterized by high levels of spending and hectic investment
  2. Recession Phase: where the economic factors are slowly not getting used or showing inactivity. Where disposable incomes are not so high, lethargic investment and falling rates of interest .
  3. Trough Phase: where there is no movement of goods and services, high levels of unemployment and banks are unable to finance investments
  4. Recovery or expansion Phase: economic inputs are being used by government stimulus and the economy is recovering

The four phases of the business cycle impact the economy in a way that impacts growth as they impacted many microeconomics factors as found by experts from microeconomics assignment help team.The first phase is the phase of   prosperity where everything is working towards maturity .The second stage is when demand falls and there is a general set back called regression. The third stage is when there are high levels of unemployment due to   lack of jobs and this is called as the most dangerous phase of no development. The fourth stage is progression where through fiscal stimulus the economy is made straight.